Integrative Coaching:

improve self-confidence
make authentic decisions
resolve conflicts in relationships
recognise your own needs
enhance self-reflection
increase your wellbeing


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What is Integrative Coaching?

Coaching promotes your individual growth. Your individual concerns are always the focus of our attention. In integrative coaching, I combine various psychological and therapeutic approaches and methods to achieve the desired change in your life.

Solution-Focused Approaches

  • I accompany you in finding your own solutions.
  • Together we will find invidual steps that will help you to reach your goal.

I use creative techniques and exercises that are even fun!

Emotion-Focused Approach

Emotion-focused methods help with conflicts in relationships. An important aspect of emotion focused approach is the self-care

  • I support you in perceiving your needs and feelings.
  • You learn to make authentic desicions.

Our self-critical and perfectionist tendencies often prevent us from facing life with confidence and security. The emotion-focused approach enables you to better perceive and accept unloved inner parts.
By your growing self acceptance those inner voices lose their power to pull you down, allowing you to live more confidently and balanced.

How do I work with you in Integrative Coaching?

In the coaching process we develop solution strategies. Practicing these strategies will help you achieve the desired change in your life.
I will always work with your personal needs, which then become part of your solution process. We work together with your goals in mind. My values are positive regard for my clients, always working together on an equal level. Through support techniques, such as mindfulness exercises, empty-chair technique and focussing, you will get to know and understand your inner experience better.
Our focus in coaching is future-oriented and in the here and now. However, there are experiences from the past, such as difficult relationships that can cause us pain in our daily lives. These issues also have their place in my coaching practice.

When do I need Coaching, when Psychotherapy?

Processes which are more deeply rooted in the personality and which affect us on an emotional level sometimes require a deeper exploration. For this psychotherapy would be a suitable treatment method. During our coaching work you also have the opportunity to continue working with me in psychotherapy and reflect on personal and sometimes painful issues in a safe atmosphere. In this work we will then explore why your behaviour or reactions have developed and find out how you can overcome these unwanted patterns and feelings.