"In a safe love relationship, we feel confident and lovable."

Couples Counselling

Emotion-Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) 

Emotionally focused couples therapy (EFT) is a scientifically based approach for short term counseling. EFT integrates systemic therapyattachment theory and humanistic approaches.
The concept of emotion-focused couples therapy has been sucessfully established worldwide. It has been develeoped in the 80th by Dr. Sue Johnson and Leslie Greenberg and since then has been further developed through sientific studies. It is based on the scientifically proven attachement theory. The main aspect of it is, that in love relationships, we need a secure attachment to our partner. We need closeness and security and are looking for a safe hafen where we can be fully who we are.

  • Do you often have arguments?
  • Do you withdraw from your partner for a long time without talking to each other?
  • Have you both decided to leave no stone unturned?
  • Are there any injuries that prevent you from leading a fulfilling partnership?

We are emotionally dependent on each other

Especially in our individualistic society, it can be difficult to admit to ourselves how emotionally dependent we are on someone. We want to be independent and autonomous. 
A positive emotional attachment to our partner enables us to live self-confident
Insecurities in our relationships can have a negativ impact on our wellbeing and self confidence. 

The way out of the vicious cicle of conflict - creating awareness!

When we fear the loss of love, we pusue our partner's attention or we retreat.
However, both strategies - attack and retreat - lead into a vicious cicle that drives a couple further and further apart.
The first step to escape the visious cicle is to be aware of it. Then we'll get to know our defense mechanisms and can work with the core emotions underneath. 
This process allows us to learn a new way of interacting with each other and helps us also to perceive our own needs.

How does couples counselling work?
  • I support you in perceiving, expressing and regulating your own emotions and those of your partner. 
  • This helps you to feel closer again and experience more pleasant emotions.
  • Openness and understanding between you and your partner will increase.
  • Old injuries can heal.
I support you as a couple to

  • grow together
  • experience more closeness and intimacy
  • feel, understand and communicate your own and your partners needs
  • to improve your communication