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Private Practice & Workshops

Private Practice - Costs

The practice is a purely private practice. In most cases, the costs are not covered by the health insurance companies.
However in some cases, private supplementary insurances cover the costs of psychotherapeutic treatment on a pro rata basis. Please ask your health insurance company about the agreed services.

As a private client you also have advantages:
  • Faster appointment allocation possible
  • Information is not passed on to third parties (as there is no contact with health insurance companies)
  • Costs can be claimed as additional tax expenses

Cost per individual session in German or English:

The first contact in the form of a Phone call or Videochat up to 30 minutes is free of charge. 

COACHING, INDIVIDUAL SUPERVISION, PSYCHOTHERAPY (personal consultation in practice):   60 minutes 80,00 €
COACHING, INDIVIDUAL SUPERVISION, PSYCHOTHERAPY (video chat, telephone):   60 minutes 80,00 €
STUDENTS UP TO 26 YEARS:  60 minutes 60 € (up to 12 sessions for this rate)

For clients with lower income I have reduced rates available.Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.


Practice hours:

Appointments by arrangement.

Costs - private practice


DO YOU HAVE ANY MORE QUESTIONS? I'm looking forward to hearing from you.‣


The confidentiality of your person is guaranteed through private billing. As a private practitioner for psychotherapy I must not submit expert opinions or pass on diagnostic keys about patients to the health insurance companies.
I am bound to professional confidentiality in the sense of § 203 StGB and by the professional code of conduct of the Association of Independent Psychotherapists. Your information will be kept strictly confidential.

The first session

In the first session you will get a feeling of how I would work with you and if you would like to start working togehther. It is important that you can build up trust. At our first meeting you can tell me about your concerns - we will then decide together which way of working could be most helpful for you.

Where do we go from here?

From my experience it is useful to take a few minutes for a first phone call before making an appointment. We can arrange this first free appointment by text message, WhatsApp or e-mail to clarify whether working together could be helpful for you.

learning together / interactive experience / appreciative encounters

Workshop offers

In my workshops I find it important to have a relaxed and positive atmosphere in which meetings and reflections can take place. The time together during the workshop can be actively shaped by the participants. As part of self-reflection and professional reflection, I allow space in each workshop to talk about the implementation of newly learned techniques in everyday life.

Topics of individual workshops:
  • Stress Reduction
  • Get to know your inner critic to overcome it!
  • Exam preparation and reduction of exam anxiety
  • Effective learning
  • Social competence training
  • Other topics on request


GROUP SIZE: 6-15 persons

I am happy to visit your institution/company and facilitate workshops and trainings at your location.
If you have additional requests for topics, please contact me.


Cost of workshops:

The prices depend on duration, group size and location.