Increase action competences through


"Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them."

Henri Ford

Supervision is a professional method for professional challenges and issues at work, for individuals or teams. I offer support in individual supervision.

I know about the importnance to embark on new paths. This can also be challenging, especially in work life. By having lived in UK for 11 years I have experienced this on a personal level. I have supported clients in supervision in UK and can now apply my experience of the professonal world in UK to assist my clients in Germany also.

  • Process Reflection
  • Reflection of your professional role
  • Strategy development

Positive regard for each other and respect are for me the base of constructive cooperation in this process. Together we reflect on your concerns around your professional life. I see myself as a support for you to develop new ways and solution strategies to achieve a higher functioning in your professional role.

Supporting techniques in my supervision practice
  • Embodiment
  • Role play
  • Focussing
  • 2-chair technique
Supervision helps you
  • To change direction
  • To recognise projections we make
  • To increase self development
  • To increase your job satisfaction
  • To increase self-efficacy
  • To achieve confidence in professional actions